How to choose the right Air Cooler for your Home?

In the summer season, when the situation is disturbed, then firstly it comes to your mind to take an air cooler. But when buying it, do not take care of some small things, which is very important. Because a hastily bought cooler can become a headache for you. It is better if you find out about the necessary information before taking it. For this, there is no need to be shocked - because here we are going to tell you the necessary things related to it, so that you can avoid problems after shopping! Before that let us understand the proper function of an air cooler.

Proper function of air cooler

An air cooler is an electrical device that provides cool air through evaporation of water. This device uses water that is stored in its tank. By filtering out the hot air outside, cool air flows into the room. Air coolers have the ability to reduce room temperature by 2-3 degrees depending on local humidity. The filter in the air cooler purifies the room air by protecting it from dust and pollution. Air coolers are a better option for heat relief. Arctic air cooler is a good option for home use which is lighter and fits anywhere in the house.

How to choose a good air cooler?

According to your need, you can buy a best air cooler keeping in mind the following things.


Tank size

Its tank is shaped like a water tank, which is right to fill. If the tank is large and it is completely filled once, then it gives cold air for a long time.

Timer and Auto Fill

The timer controls the amount of cooler time that is turned on. Coolers with auto fill function are good because there is no need to fill the tank frequently.

Remote controlled

Remote control helps to use air cooler easily. With this help, you will not have to get up and go to the cooler every time to change the settings.


Also check the cooler price so that it can fit within your budget. There are various cost effective coolers on Amazon which you can see as soon as you click on this link.


Humidity control air coolers

The air cooler works better in hot and dry climates. Its function is mainly dependent on the evaporation of water in the atmosphere. Therefore, due to greater evaporation of water, its air is also colder. Despite this, there is also a certain limit to the air holding capacity in its atmosphere. Therefore, if the air is already moist, it will not be able to hold more water. As a result the air is not cold beyond a threshold and it is cool in the dry season. So always keep in mind that cooler effect is reduced by increasing humidity.

Coolers with ‘Humidity Control’ facilities are available nowadays to overcome these flaws. The coolers available near Crompton are equipped with such state of the art facilities. Apart from this, models used in moist coastal areas are also available. If the outside air temperature is 90 Fahrenheit and humidity is 30%, then the outside air can be cooled to 74 Fahrenheit. When the humidity increases, the effective temperature given by the cooler will also be higher.


When buying a cooler, it is very important that the right size cooler is used and selected according to the size of the room. The size of the Arctic cooler is decided by a unit CFM. CFM is a unit used to measure air flow. High CFM is throwing too much air into the fan chamber. This is a simple calculation that will help you find the right size of the cooler, which will help you find the right size cooler for you.


Nice blade and fan

A feature of the air cooler is its fan and blade profile. Because if the fan does not throw good air, then cooler is not able to give coolness even when it is beautiful. To keep the entire room cool in a better way, its blade profile needs to be good. Therefore, choosing a blade with more angles can prove to be the best option.

If you keep in mind the above things while buying a cooler, then you will not have to regret after buying the cooler.

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